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Onsite & online audio transmission.
Simple. Flexible. Affordable.

One simple app. No extra hardware. No delay.

Works via wifiWiFi and signal_cellular_altmobile data.

The smart solution for:
check_circlesimultaneous translation
check_circleevent voice streaming
check_circleguided tours
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LiveVoice in 180 Seconds

Empowering you to provide live audio content to your audience.

Since everybody comes with a smartphone, we believe it's about time for an easy and affordable solution to offer audio streaming for live translation and other purposes.

We want to make targeted audio live streaming possible for everyone. This is, why we created LiveVoice on the following three principles:

Traditional audio transmission systems for live interpretation or guided tours are very expensive. But nowadays, your event visitors bring their own devices: Their smartphones. And you already own the sending device as well: Your phone, tablet or PC.

With LiveVoice, you don't need to spend money on hardware. This makes it much cheaper than traditional systems.


Without the need for special hardware, it also makes you much more flexible. No matter how many listeners you have, you can simply scale the system up or down. You can add as many streams as you need (e.g. for multiple languages) as you want.

And since everything works via the cloud, your listeners and even the speaker can sit everywhere they have internet access. You are no longer geographically bound!

Easy to use

We made LiveVoice in a way that you can do everything yourself. You just set up events and streams, and provide invite links or 6-digit codes to speakers and listeners, who then can listen on their smartphones via WiFi or 3G/LTE.

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How it works

Create your event
and streams
After creating your event simply set up one or more streams. You can add as many streams and name them as you want.
Invite interpreters or
other speakers
Share the speaker invite link or code with the people who will speak - for example your interpreters or your museum staff. With this link or code they can log in and immediately start streaming.
Share listener link or code with
your audience
Provide the listener invite link or code to your audience. They can now use their own smart phones to log in and choose the stream they want to listen to.

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Frequently asked questions

LiveVoice is the perfect solution for simultaneous translation at large or small conferences, business meetings and church gatherings, as well as silent events and audio transmission for guided tours. Basically it makes sense to use LiveVoice at any occasions where targeted voice audio streaming is needed.

LiveVoice is a cloud solution that works via the internet, so you don’t need any special hardware. Just use a standard smartphone or computer to stream. Your listeners need a mobile device (iPhone, iPad or Android device) or computer, and their headphones.

As an admin you set up your event and its streams, and share 6-digit codes to your speaker(s) and listeners.

As a listener or speaker you download the LiveVoice App on your mobile device (iOS or Android), entering these codes, or join a live event via browser on your computer.

LiveVoice works both via WiFi and mobile data. The needed bandwidth is very low: For example, for 140 listeners you will only need a 10 Mbit connection.
For live audio transmission, a very low delay is key, so LiveVoice has a latency generally around 0.2 seconds.
You will only need to connect an audio source to a smartphone or a computer. If you use a smartphone, you will stream via the LiveVoice app. On a computer you just need a standard web browser and open our website. To get more tips on how to ingest the audio signal check out this article on our Help Center.
LiveVoice is totally flexible, there is basically no limit. Simply book packages according to your needs. You find the packages and prices here.

It is affordable for everyone

You don't need any extra hardware, which makes LiveVoice much cheaper than traditional systems.

It is totally flexible

Because it works via the cloud, LiveVoice also makes you completely flexible. Set up as many streams as you want. For as many listeners as needed. Speak everywhere. Listen anywhere. You are no longer geographically bound.

It is extremely easy to use

You can set up LiveVoice all by yourself. Your listeners bring their own devices they are already familiar with.

Just sign up here for a free admin account and set up the events and streams you need. You will be able to test LiveVoice with up to 3 listeners. Just play around and then book a package according to your needs. LiveVoice has been created as a simple easy to use self-service tool. To help you get off to a great start, we have put together everything you need in our Help Center.