Empowering you to provide live audio content to your audience.

Why we created LiveVoice

Since everybody comes with a smartphone today, we believe it's about time for an easy and affordable solution to offer audio streaming for simultaneous interpretation, audio description and other purposes. We want to make targeted audio live streaming possible for everyone. This is, why we created LiveVoice on the following three principles.
Traditional audio transmission systems for live interpretation or guided tours are very expensive. But nowadays, your event visitors bring their own devices: Their smartphones. And you already own the sending device as well: Your phone, tablet or PC. With LiveVoice, you don't need to spend money on hardware. This makes it much cheaper than traditional systems.
Without the need for special hardware, it also makes you much more flexible. No matter how many listeners you have, you can simply scale the system up or down. LiveVoice is a global interpreter platform and audio streaming tool. You can add as many channels as you want (e.g. for multiple languages). And since everything works via the cloud, your listeners and even the speaker can sit everywhere they have internet access. You are no longer geographically bound!
Easy to use
We made LiveVoice in a way that you can do everything yourself. Book the package you need, set up events and channels, and share them with your speakers and listeners. There are several great options, like a 6-digit code, smart link or QR code. People can listen on their own smartphones or computers. All they need is a mobile internet connection or WiFI.
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