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Live audio streaming for your event

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Set up your event
and streams
After creating your event simply set up one or more streams. You can add as many streams and name them as you want.
Invite interpreters or
other speakers
Share the speaker code with the people who will speak - for example your interpreters or your museum staff. With this code they can log in and immediately start streaming.
Share listener code with
your audience
Provide the listener code to your audience. They can now use their own smart phones to log in and choose the stream they want to listen to.

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What is is the app alternative to traditional analog audio transmission systems. It is flexible, super easy to use and simply wayyyy cheaper.

For what can I use is the perfect solution for interpretation at large or small conferences, business meetings and church gatherings, as well as audio transmission for guided tours. Of course you can use also at a lot of other occasions - just depends on your ideas.

Why should I use

Wayyyy cheaper

Traditional audio transmission systems for live interpretation or guided tours are very expensive. Wether there is just a small number of listeners or a big audience, the costs amount to at least thousands of Euros. Renting such systems is super expensive as well.

This is not necessary. Because today, your visitors bring their own devices: Their smartphones. And you already own the sending device as well: Your phone, tablet or PC.


How does it work? Just set up LiveVoice on your device, provide your visitors with the event code and let them listen to your audio stream on their own smartphones via WIFI or 3G/LTE.


That's all you need. You don't need to invest in any kind of hardware. This makes it not only more affordable than traditional systems, but also more flexible. No matter how many listeners you have, you can simply scale the system up or down, providing as many languages as you want.

Who is for?

Business meetings and conferences

You are organizing a business meeting and need a simple solution for the interpretation? Or a big conference with many different languages, but renting for a one-time-event is extremely costly?

Church congregations and other gatherings

You are part of a small church that so far has not considered buying an interpreting system, because you would not be able to afford it?

Or a large church, that is afraid of having to pay a lot of money and then having to replace the devices because of the short battery life span?

Museums and guided tours

You want to save costs for your museum? Or provide guided city tours in the most flexible way possible?

Any other occasions you need real time audio transmission
Up to your creativity :)

Have a look at We might be able to help you! :)