Become a referrer

Earn a commission by recommending LiveVoice

What's in it for you

The LiveVoice Referrer Program is designed the way that both you and the customers you refer benefit from it:

  • Up to 20% commission for you
  • 10% discount for customers you refer

You get a unique affiliate code. In order to make sure people are using it when they sign up, they get a 10% discount for all purchases they make within the first three months. You get up to 20% commission.

Who is it for?

  • Existing LiveVoice customers who are excited to recommend LiveVoice to their friends and colleagues.
  • YouTube personalities, podcasters or other influencers with an audio focus.
  • Organizations or companies that have a network of potentially interested customers.

How it works

  • You get a unique ‘Affiliate Code’. All customers who use this code to sign up for LiveVoice will be counted to you as the affiliate
  • Customers you refer get a 10% discount for all purchases made within 3 month after code redemption. They mange their own LiveVoice account and events. (You’re managing events for others? Check out our Reseller Program)

  • You earn 20% commission for all purchases within the first year of any newly referred customer. Payout once a year.
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