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Currently supported are Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

How it works.

LiveVoice turns smartphones and computers into a flexible live audio transmission system. Learn here how it works.

App or web browser is all you need

For LiveVoice all you need is a smartphone or computer as a sending device. Listeners also simply use their mobile device or the browser on their computer. No special hardware necessary.

Cloud based

The connection is running over the internet, using WIFI or mobile data like 3G, 4G or 5G. Wherever you have internet connection, you can use LiveVoice – so it’s the perfect solution for both on-site and online events. It also makes possible remote interpretation.

Manage everything yourself

As the admin you can manage everything yourself: Create as many events and channels as you want. Invite speakers and listeners in the way that’s best for you. Pick the plan that best fits the size and time of your event, and book it directly yourself.


Create event and channels.

As the admin, after creating your event simply set up one or more channels. You can add as many channels and name them as you want.

Invite speakers.

Share the speaker invite link or code with the people who will speak - for example interpreters or tour guides. Once they log in to their channel, they can immediately start streaming.

Share with your audience.

Choose a way how to share the event and its channels with your audience. There are several great options.

Get started.

Forget about clunky old hardware or lost headphones or translation booths. Transform your smartphone into a simultaneous interpretation system today.
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Frequently asked questions

Fast and friendly online support.

In case you need help our highly experienced support team is always available – before and during your events.