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Live audio transmission for your church. So simple.

Simultaneous language interpretation and other on-site or online audio transmission made easy.

Offer language interpretation locally and online.

Add as many language channels as you want. Translators and listeners can be located anywhere in the world.


Simultaneous interpretation aka live audio translation directly at your church location.


Remote Interpretation: Cloud-based solution. Interpreters can work from anywhere in the world.


Live interpretation for your video livestream or hybrid church service.

Stream original audio.

Offer audio transmission of your service for parents with small children, elderly people at home and more.

Other rooms

Provide live audio for parents who take care of their children or other situations like overflow audiences.

People at home

Make your church service also available to people who cannot attend on-site.

Simple. Flexible. Affordable.

Affordable for all budgets

One app for streaming and listening. People bring their own devices. No need to buy or rent expensive hardware. Lean and simple pricing that works perfectly for regular usage. Perfect for your weekly church service, small gatherings or large conferences.

For on-site and online church services

Works via WIFI or mobile data like 3G, 4G and 5G. Use to offer simultaneous interpretation on-site, as well as for online services to translate your video livestream. Make audio available to parents with small children or elderly people at home who cannot be present in your church hall. Supports remote interpretation.

As many channels as you need

Add as many audio channels as you need. Listeners can switch between channels easily. Speakers can listen in on any active channel while speaking, in order to listen to the original audio or enable relay interpretation.

No technical expertise necessary

Simple interface for interpreters and listeners. Way more convenient than any traditional translation system. Super easy admin setup via web browser within minutes. No tech experts required.

Works with any smartphone, tablet or computer.

All you need is mobile internet or WIFI.

Extremely low latency
Minimal data usage
Remote interpretation
Interpreter hand over
Realtime statistics

Manage everything yourself.

No technical expertise required. Set up events and book plans directly yourself.
Setup as many channels as needed.
Customize your live event page.
Share via link, invite code, location or QR-code.
Book a plan according to your needs.
See how it works

Trusted around the globe.

On-site conferences, virtual events, hybrid experiences and more: LiveVoice empowers customers all around the world with its multi channel audio solution - from Switzerland to Spain, from Brasil to Japan, from Namibia to the Netherlands.
"With LiveVoice we finally found a solution that works! It doesn't cost much, is simple to use for translators and listeners, has many innovative features and their support is great."
Simon Egli
Head of Digital, ICF Zurich
"We are always looking for new technologies that make our conferences even more valuable, efficient and visitor friendly. With LiveVoice we found a great, innovative tool that saves us a lot of money and gives us the opportunity to serve our international guests even better."
Hartmut Wolf
Head of Event Production, Willow Creek Germany
"With LiveVoice we could offer translation for our conference with 160 participants from 27 countries. The user friendly app has become an invaluable tool for us."
Dipl. Päd. Monika Faes
Event Lead, Women in Leadership Conference
"LiveVoice makes conventional interpreting and tour guide systems look really old. With this smart app we can transmit audio successfully in a very easy way."
Rupert Pichler
CEO, Pansound Audio & Video Solutions Agency
"The translation service of LiveVoice for the online event we organized for our global management team was very convenient and worked really well. This way everyone could take part in their language in a very flexible way, wherever they were."
Sebastian Loh
CEO, JLU Group

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