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Say hello to LiveVoice Web 3.0 👋

New speaker interface and many new features are here!

We are so excited to show what we have been working on the last months: The all new LiveVoice speaker interface.

You might think it couldn’t get better, but it could ? Here are some highlights of what is new and will change for speakers and interpreters.


Refreshed Speaker UX

The LiveVoice interface for speakers and interpreters is extremely popular due to its simple design. Nevertheless, we have revised it again to make it even better. The main change is the new arrangement of incoming and outgoing channels. To avoid the need for scrolling, the incoming channels (the ones you can listen to) are no longer below the speaker part, but next to it. With a lot of technical optimization under the hood – we have actually re-coded the entire frontend –  handover and A/B switching is now much faster. And incoming channels keep playing when switching states, so you don’t need to re-start channels anymore.

New features

😎 Dark mode

Yes, now you can decide which type you are! Apart from catering to different preferences of users, dark mode is an important step to better accessibility and very practical for work environments that don’t want to be disturbed by too much light coming from a screen.


👫 Multiple A/V streams

Listening or watching multiple channels at the same time is now possible. This means, you can for example listen to the Floor (original audio) channel and your booth partner at the same time.


🎧 Audio Controls

For channels you are listening to, you can adjust EQ settings, compressor, and panning settings. So, for example you can adjust base and trebble, or listen to one channel on the right ear only. The compressor helps that the audio you listen to has a constant volume.


✍️ Speaker Names

You can enter your name so that your name is not only shown in the chat, but also for example when switching with your partner. That is very nice especially when doing remote interpretation, so you see the name of the other booth partner when handing over.


⏱️ Timer

You’ll see how long you’ve been talking since you clicked Start or took over the channel. This can be very helpful to plan switching shifts for interpreters.


▶️ Auto Play (Auto Listen-In)

The admin can define an incoming audio channel to start playing automatically when logging in to the soft-console, so you don’t even need to press play anymore.


💬 Chat Optimization 

Now the speaker/admin chat shows new messages with a notification bubble and has, well, emojis ?


🔥 Hot Keys for listeners

Now also listeners can use hot keys for play and pause.


⚙️ Event and channel settings improvement 

With more features there is always the challenge to keep everything nice, clean and to provide a good overview. So event settings and channel settings got a new look. Event settings have been split into “Access” and “Settings”. Access allows you to manage things like geo location, speaker passwords etc. All the other settings are found in the new Settings tab.


🗳️ Event overview: Order and description 

If you have a lot of events in your admin account, it might get a little hard to keep track of all of them. Therefore we have added a new “event description” field. This is optional, so you can use it to organize your events. Also, events that are set in-active will be placed in an own section on the bottom, so you have all active events quickly by hand.


📈 Time navigation for statistics 

One more: So far, statistics were only visible for the last 30 days. Now you can choose the time frame of the stats you need. Simply pick start and end date and there you go.


Note: Browser Compatibility

Since LiveVoice 3.0 uses the latest technology, make sure your web browser  (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) is up to date. The same goes for speakers and listeners of your event. Learn more here.

Johannes Wigand

CEO & Co-Founder

Johannes is passionate for communications, servant leadership and tech. He is married and has three kids, loves being in the wonderful Salzburg mountains and is excited how LiveVoice has already helped thousands of people around the globe.