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The best AI prompts for interpreters

How can you as an interpreter make Chat GPT and other AI tools work for you? We have the ultimate prompt cheat sheet for you.

AI can provide you with massive support in your work, especially in preparing for an interpreting assignment. We have already discussed the advantages you as an interpreter can get from AI tools and how to use them in this article which you might want to read first in case you have not yet.

Here we have collected the best prompts for you. A prompt is a question or request to an AI tool such as Chat GPT. We have divided them into 6 areas, depending on the objective and assignment.


1. Research about company or event

  • Give me a summary about [company XY].
  • Summarize the history of [company XY] for me. 
  • What are some important products and keywords I should know when working at [company XY]? 
  • Translate these words to [language XY] and present it as a table so I get a glossary. 


2. Research about a certain speaker

  • Give me a summary about [speaker XY].
  • Give me a list of his top YouTube videos available.*
  • What are some of his talks about the topic of [topic XY]? 
  • Give me a list of his books. 
  • How are these book titles translated into [language XY]? 

*You will want to use for this as explained here.

3. Preparation for specialized topics or conferences

  • What are the key concepts and terminologies in [specific field or topic]?
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the main theories or models related to [specific field or topic].
  • List upcoming events or conferences on [specific field or topic].
  • Translate key terms into [language XY] and give me a glossary.


4. Understanding cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions

  • What are common idiomatic expressions in [language or region] related to [topic]?
  • Explain the cultural significance of these expressions.
  • Provide examples of when these expressions are typically used.
  • Translate and explain these idiomatic expressions into [language XY].


5. Communication Strategies for Specific Situations

  • What are common phrases used in [specific situation, e.g., emergencies, negotiations] in [industry or country]?
  • Provide translations for these phrases into [language XY].
  • What are the best practices for communicating in [specific situation] in [industry or country]?
  • Simulate a [specific situation] scenario and guide me through a language interpretation exercise.


6. Terminology for Specific Fields

  • What are essential terms I need to know for work in [specific field, e.g., legal, medical, technical]?
  • Explain the implications of these terms within their specific context.
  • List recent changes in regulations or practices that affect [specific field] in [country or region].
  • Translate these terms into [language XY] and give me a glossary in alphabetical order. 


If you want to organize your prompts professionally, re-use them and get the most out of ChatGPT and other services,  you might want to check out the helpful tool of our friends at that is made exactly for that.


You have feedback or other helpful prompts? We are happy to hear from you! Write us at 



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