LiveVoice Affiliate Partner Program Terms

LiveVoice GmbH, Clemens-Krauss-Straße 21, 5020 Salzburg, Austria (“LiveVoice” or “we”) offers a referrer program, also known as affiliate program.

1. General

LiveVoice offers an affiliate program “Sending invites to contacts in order to recruit them as new LiveVoice customers“. Thereby affiliate program participants can by following the participation terms (2.) earn a commission for every new customer they recruited. By participating in our affiliate partner program you accept these participation terms.

2. Conditions of participation

In order to participate you have to be signed up and have (i) active access to a LiveVoice event admin account and (ii) be at least 18 years of age and (iii) send an email request to to apply for the affiliate partner program (“Participant”). LiveVoice remains the right to approve or decline requests for particiaption on their own judgment and preference. Moreover, LiveVoice also remains the right to exclude people from participating in the affiliate partner program for important reasons, especially if they

- violate the conditions of participation;

- use unauthorised material or gain any other unfair advantage through manipulation;

- use fake personal details.

Participation is free of charge. However, there is no legal entitlement to participate in the affiliate partner program.

Upon approval the participants receives a unique affiliate partner coupon code (“Coupon code”).

3. Commission

LiveVoice offers the participant up to 20%* commission (of net value, excluding taxes) for all purchases made for the LiveVoice audio transmission cloud solution, if not agreed upon otherwise, within one year of any newly referred customer (“New customer”).

*If the referred customer is or becomes an affiliate or reseller that itself receives a discount, the commission is reduced according to this discount.

4. Conditions for commission

The participant shares her affiliate partner coupon code, which can only be used by new users or by users of LiveVoice accounts, which have not yet purchased anything on LiveVoice. Every affiliate partner coupon code is valid for one year upon approval of participation. The participant my apply for a new code or ask for renewal of their existing coupon code via email to

Successful referral requires the following conditions:

- The new customer has to enter the valid affiliate partner code before they first purchase something on the LiveVoice platform;

- Only one coupon code can be used; multiple coupon codes or special offerings can not be combined.

The new customer who successfully enters a valid affiliate partner program coupon code receives a 10% discount for all purchases made within three months after coupon code redemption.

Invalid codes result in no discount and no commission payout and cannot be corrected past first purchase of the new customer.

Using the affiliate code of an affiliate partner is only allowed for second parties. Affiliate partners are not allowed to redeem an affiliate code for another LiveVoice account of their own.

5. Commission Payout

LiveVoice transfers payouts for pending commission once a year, usually in January for the past year. Participants can see the current balance of pending commission on their account page.

Commission can only be paid out if the participant provides a valid destination bank account, which has to be sent via email to

LiveVoice does not account for any transaction fees occurring through commission payout.

Potential claim for pending commission cannot be transferred to other people. The judges' decision is final.

6. Duties of participants

The participant may send electronic messages (e.g. email) to potential new customers only in case they first gave their consent to receive this kind of promotional content. Otherwise the participant will indemnify and hold LiveVoice harmless in this respect.

In order to receive payouts, the participant has to provide a valid destination bank account, which has to be sent via email to Without valid bank account information any claim for pending commission expires after one year.

7. Verification

This affiliate partner program applies until further notice. LiveVoice remains the right to change the conditions for this program and decide to end this program at any time.

Affiliate partner coupon codes are valid for one year after approval for participation.

8. Liability

LiveVoice is not liable for an incorrect transmission, for the loss of data or for misdirected orders. LiveVoice especially assumes no liability, if the coupon code is not entered correctly. Furthermore LiveVoice does not take legal responsibility for any wrongdoing or crime committed by the participant, especially in regard to violations of general data protection and telecommunications law.


06. September 2021