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How customer benefited from LiveVoice

Fifteen Seconds Festival: Listening to any stage anywhere

LiveVoice as the official Audio Drop-In app enabled attendees to listen to all stages anywhere

The Fifteen Seconds Festival takes place every year with several thousand visitors at a large conference hall in Graz. Due to the pandemic, it was decided to spread the event over eight different locations across the city...

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Innovation Salzburg Conference: Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

Reduction of carbon footprint through remote interpreting

The "Healing Alps" event, organized by Innovation Salzburg and several other European institutions, took place in the heart of the Alps, in Bad Gastein. In line with the topic, an interpreting solution was...

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Jewish Harlem: Guided Tours in New York

Inexpensive and easy solution for the Jewish Harlem Walking Tour

The non-profit organization Lower Eastside Jewish Conservancy has been offering tours of Jewish Harlem for some time. The NPO was looking for an affordable solution that was also simple enough for older people to use....

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ICF Church Zurich: Interpreting for hybrid services

Flexible and affordable interpreting solution instead of expensive hardware

The ICF (International Christian Fellowship) in Zurich, as an internationally oriented church community in Switzerland, is attended by people with a wide variety of languages. Interpreting is therefore a natural part offered by the church...

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Opera Philadelphia: Audio Description for the Blind

Accessibility through a flexible and cost-effective app solution

Like many other cultural event organizers, the Opera Philadelphia (United States) is faced with the challenge of making its performances as accessible as possible to people with disabilities. In particular blind people...

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