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Customer Success Story

Opera Philadelphia: Audio Description for the Blind

Accessibility through a flexible and cost-effective app solution

Like many other cultural event organizers, the Opera Philadelphia (United States) is faced with the challenge of making its performances as accessible as possible to people with disabilities. In particular blind people have a hard time to participate in cultural life.

In partnership with the organization Art-Reach, the Philadelphia Opera is now offering audio description via LiveVoice. In contrast to hardware solutions, which are expensive to purchase and not very flexible, the service can now be offered just as needed and in a cost-effectively way.

I love how easy it is to use LiveVoice, both for blind and low vision patrons and for me as an audio describer. It is a great accessibility tool to connect audiences with audio description for Opera Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Ballet and the Philadelphia Flower Show.
Nicole Sardella, Audiodescriber
It is because of LiveVoice that Opera Philadelphia can extend audio description services to all patrons everywhere! LiveVoice is easy for both users and facilitators.
Steven Humes, Opera Philadelphia