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Customer Success Story

Innovation Salzburg Conference: Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

Reduction of carbon footprint through remote interpreting

The "Healing Alps" event, organized by Innovation Salzburg and several other European institutions, took place in the heart of the Alps, in Bad Gastein. In line with the topic, an interpreting solution was required for the international event that would keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.

With LiveVoice, the interpreters team of Alpslarete were able to interpret directly from Italy while the listeners sat in Austria. The interpretation in several languages ​​happened in real time, as the interpreters were able to follow what was happening in Italy via video.

When I think of Bad Hofgastein translating into five languages, with analogue systems that would have meant enormous effort and costs. Besides, we wouldn't have had the space for it on site. We are therefore really happy to have found such a practical solution that is so uncomplicated, flexible and also sustainable!
Bernhard Lehofer, Innovation Salzburg
I used the app in Bad Gastein and it worked perfectly. That's why I would like to use LiveVoice also for my own next event.
Andrea Cottini, Italy