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Customer Success Story

Fifteen Seconds Festival: Listening to any stage anywhere

LiveVoice as the official Audio Drop-In app enabled attendees to listen to all stages anywhere

The Fifteen Seconds Festival takes place every year with several thousand visitors at a large conference hall in Graz. Due to the pandemic, it was decided to spread the event over eight different locations across the city.

With LiveVoice as the Official Audio Drop-In app, Fifteen Seconds Festival enabled attendees to listen to any stage, anywhere in the city. In this way, the participants could enjoy the full program at any time and didn't miss anything, even if they were on their way from one location to another.

Festival organizers and visitors celebrated the offering of the audio drop-in solution:

A very practical thing, so I could also listen to a stage that was further away and that I would not have made it to otherwise!
Daniela, Spain
You open it, enter the code and you can start listening. Just great!
Martin, Austria
I came to the location with headphones once and was surprised that it was really completely live! And that with top audio quality.
Adrian, Great Britain